Infographic: try this catchy business name ideas checklist

Jason Shaw | May 18th, 2021
Business Name Idea Checklist

Coming up with catchy business name ideas is hard. There are so many factors to consider which can truly make-or-break your unique brand name ideas – either now, or in the future.

Start generating catchy business name ideas

You may be tempted to use a brand name generator website to find a unique business name. They’re a useful way to generate a list of options, but you should step back and evaluate the brand landscape more broadly.

I’ve previously talked about how to generate business name ideas using domain names which is a great way to find out early on whether your newly chosen business name has wings.

This is key because spending time and money on logo designs, social media and an online store would be wasted if you need to pivot at the last minute.

Once you’ve passed the domain name test, there are several other factors that are just as important when creating the perfect brand name.

Is your brand name idea a good one?

There are a range of questions to ask yourself to determine if your business name is a good idea. For example, is it easy to pronounce? Are there any existing trademarks that are similar to your business name idea?

Failing any of these checks would be a major red flag and you should come up with other options. Our catchy business name idea infographic can help! It’s worth noting that there are many free business name generators out there, but use with caution and always do you homework.

Below is a handy business name idea checklist which outlines the steps for choosing your next great business name.

Use this as a reference the next time you’re brainstorming your next business name.

Catchy Business Name Idea Checklist Infographic
Catchy Business Name Idea Checklist Infographic

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