Why do an SEO audit of your business website?

Jason Shaw | May 25th, 2021

Performing a complete SEO audit of your website is the quickest way to find out exactly why your site is not ranking for your chosen keywords.  This is why you should do an SEO audit – because it provides critical information about how visible your business is online. Read more about my comprehensive SEO audit packages.

You own a small business and things are going great. You want to scale up, but you’re still not ready to invest tens of thousands of dollars to hire an agency. The smartest alternative you have is to invest a fraction of that amount in SEO. More specifically, you should get a professional SEO audit of your website (which I can do).

why do an seo audit

Once you’re armed with that report, you’ll know how to approach improving your search engine rankings. You can then hire an experienced SEO practitioner (like me!) who will start fixing errors. They’ll also provide On-Site and Off-Site SEO suggestions to help you become more visible in your niche and tap into more traffic.

You’ll literally be able to grow your business leveraging the power of free organic traffic from search engines. Another great reason for doing an SEO audit.

What is SEO?

According to Wikipedia, SEO is the complex process of growing your website traffic by boosting the rank of your website across search engines.

Moz breaks down SEO into sub-parts and reveals that it includes On-Page, Off-Page and organic SEO work.

In 2021, you certainly need to leverage an SEO audit package if you want to outrank your competitors and become more visible in search results for important keywords.

For example, let’s say that you have a pizza shop, and you want to rank highly on Google for keywords like “pizza shop near me” or “best pizza in town”.

With SEO, if you can get to the first position in Google, you’ll get around 30% of search traffic for that keyword. This is because people tend to click the top three results. Say there are 10,000 searches a month for that keyword. You could get around 3,000 new visitors to your site each month if you rank first.

The amazing thing about SEO is that once you reach the first position on Google for a particular keyword, you could stay there for a long time. It’s a lot of effort to get there, but you spend minimal time and money to remain there.

Conversely, with PPC advertising, you need to continue spending money in order to get traffic. If your budget is gone, the traffic vanishes.

What is an SEO website audit?

An SEO audit is a complete and detailed analysis of your website. Using the industry’s best tools and practices, I can determine the health of your site. I’ll discover all the issues that need to be improved.

The audit is highly recommended for any type of website, but it’s especially fruitful for sites that have been around for a few years yet still have very low organic traffic.

With an SEO audit package, you can discover exactly what the problems on your site are and get precise feedback on how to solve them.

Once the technical issues are solved, your site will load faster and will offer a more streamlined experience to your visitors. Moreover, it will get indexed quicker by Google and will rank much faster.

Why do an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is specifically designed for businesses that have a hard time ranking for their intended keywords.

It’s definitely time to get an SEO audit if your website isn’t showing up in search engine results. Other reasons include low keyword rankings, or you simply can’t figure out why you have low organic traffic to your site.

You might already suspect that your website load time is slower than your competitors. Moreover, you might be concerned that you have a duplicate content issue which is being flagged by Google.

That’s where I come in – determining the actual problems and ensuring that you know exactly what needs to be done so you can rank higher.

Companies that go through a site audit are more equipped to make meaningful changes to their website. Based on the information they receive from us, it’s possible for businesses to increase site traffic, conversion rate and number of leads.

If you want to get more traffic to your site and become more visible to your potential clients, an SEO audit is the best way to start.

The SEO audit process

So how does an SEO audit actually work? It all starts after you choose an SEO audit package. After you have selected a package, I’ll start to analyze your website inside-out. I’ll identify both its strengths and weaknesses and let you know what’s going on.

During the initial phase, I will use both paid and free tools to check the health of the website and find out exactly where it needs to be improved.

For example, a website might be outranked by the competition because: it lacks proper security, has errors in the robots.txt file, has multiple broken links, has no external links, missing title tags, too many redirects, images are not optimized… (to name a few).

Some other problems may include spammy links, malware, plagiarized content, javascript errors, crawl errors and wrong setup in Google Search Console.

After the initial review phase, I’ll create a personalized SEO package that caters specifically to your needs.

At this point, you should know that the price may differ from project to project. Each task has a certain price range depending on complexity. For example, creating new content from scratch is a tedious process, especially if new keyword research is required. However, creating an XML sitemap or optimizing a couple of images is quick and inexpensive.

Generally, the final price is also dependent on the total number of pages you have on your site. The more pages have to be reviewed, the longer the review will take.

Ultimately, after you choose a package that suits you, I will start working to fix the problems on your site.

Over a period of weeks to months, you’ll notice your site may rank better on Google for your chosen keywords. After solving your SEO issues, I’ll provide a report on everything I have achieved for you.

On-page SEO factors

Reviewing the on-page factors that affect SEO ranking is also known as ‘technical SEO’.

Content is still king in 2021, meaning it has to be 100% unique and highly relevant to your target audience, but there are other crucial on-page ranking factors.

Some of them include page load speed, crawl errors, redirects, HTTP instead of HTTPS, lack of XML sitemap, no breadcrumbs, no schema markup or wrong use of plugins. All of these can really take a toll on your content marketing efforts.

Off-page SEO factors

The off-page ranking factors are considered less critical, but are still very important.

Take link building for example. This factor is paramount for good ranking. You need to have high-quality inbound and outbound links, use anchor text with your keywords, get links on social media and also add links on local sites and directories.

SEO audit packages

At Decodist, I specialize in creating tailored audit packages for small businesses with fair pricing.

Top 3 SEO audit packages for 2021

Lite report: this report is frequently offered at a discounted price. With this, you can get detailed SEO info about your website, including the top 5 organic keywords you rank for, important keyword metrics, personalized SEO tips and your backlink profile.

Pro report: a more complete SEO analysis that explores your competition and shows you how to outrank them. Plus, you’ll get the top 20 keywords for you website and 5 personalized SEO tips.

How to get started with an SEO audit?

To get started, simply purchase one of my SEO reports. You can also contact me via email or phone to get a personalized estimate.

After you receive the report, I can also help by implementing the tips I’ve recommended to you. I know exactly how to optimize your WordPress website and help you outrank your competitors.

Included in all SEO services, I perform a website review, competitor analysis, Google ranking report, user experience tips and digital marketing suggestions.

Whatever your needs, I’ll help you improve your website so that it stands the best chance to rank higher. Over time, you’ll receive more quality traffic, a higher conversion rate, more leads and ultimately make more sales.

Need help with your SEO?

I’d be happy to speak with you about your online business goals and create a tailored strategy.