5 reasons to hire a WordPress maintenance freelancer

Jason Shaw | May 24th, 2021

Your website is critical to the success of your business. Calling upon an expert who can perform WordPress maintenance services is a great way to protect your business from online mishaps. Having a strong technologist available who can quickly perform general WordPress support services is a must-have.

They’ll look after your website fixes, enhancements, maintenance support and security scanning.

WordPress Maintenance Expert

Small business website owners may be surprised to discover that hiring someone to perform WordPress support services (or equivalent, if you use a different content management system) can be a cost-effective way of ensuring their success online.

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a WordPress maintenance freelancer.

1) You don’t have time

Put simply, hiring a freelance WordPress maintenance expert is faster and cheaper than doing it yourself. As a business owner, spending hours maintaining your website is likely an opportunity cost that isn’t worth it.

Sure, you could do some research and start tinkering around with your site, but why divert your attention away from your customers and running your business? Typically, learning the ins-and-outs of WordPress maintenance can take a number of years to master. Even then, the product is always evolving and it’s imperative to stay on top of its inner workings at the code level.

Consider a scenario where your website suddenly goes haywire and your customers are left in the dark. Where would you begin? Would you panic? Could you fix your site in less than 10 minutes?

With the right technologist on board, you won’t need to gamble with the success of your business. You should feel confident that your website is in good hands. It’s like asking your accountant to look after your taxes. It just makes sense to rely on someone who knows what they’re doing.

2) It’s a lot of work

You may be thinking that managing a WordPress website is pretty straight-forward. There’s certainly some truth to that because the platform was designed to be largely point-and-click for the general public.

There is, however, a very long list of maintenance tasks that absolutely need to be done correctly. The risk of getting one of these wrong is that your website could end up being unreliable, unstable and even a target for hackers.

Here are a few things that are on the maintenance list:

As you may know, all of these (and more) are sensible and routine measures to ensure the health of your website. Could you do all of this on top of running your business? Or would it make more sense to hire a freelancer and have them do it for you?

It’s common knowledge that many small businesses are tight on budget. The thought of hiring someone to look after their website sounds expensive. The truth is, you don’t actually need someone full-time. In fact, having a WP site care expert on-call who can perform 1-2 hours of work per week is all you need. This is more affordable than a full-time staff member, plus its better use of your time.

Ultimately, the real benefit for your business is that having a WordPress support services specialist is a great insurance policy against unforeseen issues. The last thing you need is a frantic scramble to find help.

Plan ahead and get in touch with an expert technologist who knows what they’re doing and can share their knowledge along the way.

3) Your website needs to be rock-solid

Your website is arguably the most important asset you’ll create for your small business. It’s the one true representation of your brand and ultimately reflects who you are and what you offer to customers.

As with any company, there are core qualities that customers look for when deciding whether to make a purchase. The company should be approachable, accessible, easy to work with, trustworthy, reliable and informative.

By extension, customers expect the same from your website. It must be visible on search engines, work well on desktop and mobile devices, be easy to use, have fast loading times and contain useful information on every page.

4) A expert can improve your business

A website expert should be your primary contact when it comes to updating, maintaining and fixing your site.

Just like a lawyer or accountant, they are your go-to person who can provide expert knowledge, advice and suggestions. They’ll figure out all of the clever ways that technology can be used to improve your online business.

In addition, they can likely execute on those ideas without needing to hire anyone else.

The best thing about having a WordPress maintenance service expert on hand is that they probably have a lot of experience working with other businesses in different industries. This is invaluable because they’ll have fresh perspectives about how to grow your online business that you may not have considered.

5) WordPress is specialist skill set

We all know that hiring experts will increase the chances of a business’ success. Finding a website management and maintenance expert is no exception.

There’s an important distinction to be made here. Searching for “WordPress maintenance services” on Google usually brings up a list of companies to choose from.

Digging a little deeper, those companies may be quite large. This may have implications for the level of service you receive. Your support requests might actually end up in a general mailbox waiting for an unknown representative to take a look.

Here at Decodist, you’ll be working with a dedicated person who will learn the ins-and-outs of your business and provide a much more personal service.

What to look for in a WordPress expert?

Are you thinking about retaining the services of a website maintenance expert on a month-to-month basis? Here are some qualities to look for which can help your hiring decision:

Ongoing Support – they should have the ability to offer a flexible WordPress maintenance plan on a monthly basis. Being “flexible” means that the website support plan should be tailored to the needs of your business. This is something that large web maintenance firms have difficulty accommodating, but here at Decodist it’s part of the service.

Expertise – they should have a strong technical knowledge and broad experience helping businesses like yours. If you’re only wanting to hire one person, make sure they have expertise in a range of areas such as web development, SEO, graphic design, digital advertising and consulting. That way, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Industry Experience – if your business has specialist needs, such as a Law Firm SEO, having someone with experience working in that space goes a long way. The learning curve is already complete and they can hit the ground running with whatever you need.

Communication – hiring someone with a great personality and temperament with will give you greater confidence in that person. They should generally make your life easier by performing any WordPress maintenance service tasks that come up.

Flexibility – finding an expert who has the ability to work remotely and accept your emails at any hour of the day is crucial. This is especially true if your business operates in multiple time zones. Furthermore, that person should be able to quickly resolve issues as they arise. Typically, a 24-48 hour turnaround is the norm for non-emergency WordPress support service requests.

Looking for a WordPress freelancer?

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